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Friday, August 6th, 2010

Conserve cleaners are at Intown Ace Hardware in Virginia-Highland!


The progressive manager at this neighborhood location says his customers are deeply concerned about the environment and are actively looking for products that decrease our impact on precious natural resources and do less harm. Let’s prove him right! We have just a week to show that these tablets are striking a cord customers and that people are willing to switch to a product that will decrease the piles of plastic bottles going into landfills, CO2 emissions, trucks on roads, fossil fuel use, and save companies and consumers time and money.

Go to Intown Ace Hardware on Highland Avenue and do two things! Purchase the product, use it and let us know how you like it. And/or, inquire about the product, take a look, and make comments about it to the store clerk and/or manager. No purchase necessary.

We just one week to show consumer interest, please be a part of this experiment and visit the store as soon as you can!

We are a local, family business with a product that won Environmentally-friendly Product of the Year beating Seventh Generation and Simple Green.

Some impressive data:

  • One truckload of our 12-tablet box would mean taking 76 trucks full of liquid cleaner off our roads!
  • If retailers replaced just the four category of cleaners with Conserve tablets, the amount of spray bottles that would never be made and go into landfills, would fill Turner Stadium to the brim!
  • Also, that would be enough bottles to circle the earth!

Thank you for your support!
Conserve Brand Team

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