The Office products market in the USA is about $55 billion. Now that is a lot of paperclips, binders, pencils, pens and rulers!

Saving a single rubber band from the landfill will not change the world. We know that and so do you. So why do we bother? Because if we can help the whole office industry convert to Environmentally Friendly products that will have an effect on the planet.

The CONSERVE® brand promise is to provide you with product options that work better than competition and are better for the environment! As a company Baumgartens make over 40 environmentally friendly products, but only a select few are CONSERVE® brand products because they have to perform better as well.

The Conserve® Plastibands are unique due to the selection of plastic and design, they are three times stronger than rubber bands, latex free, and because they have no additives or plasticizers, they can easily be recycled. Watch this space for more office alternatives and see our store for other Environmentally Friendly options.

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76500 1 6 " Plastibands
77000 5 Assorted Sizes
74500 3 1 5/8" Plastibands 200
75000 7 2 1/8" Plastibands 200
75500 2 3 5/8" Plastibands 100
76000 6 4 1/4" Plastibands 100