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Brand Promise

The Conserve® Brand Promise is that our products will perform better AND be will be significantly better for the environment than other products offered on the market.

We believe that sustainability should not come at the cost of performance. We use the lens of sustainability to help us to innovate and find new solutions that provide better performance and through experimentation and application of new technologies to make progress towards a better more sustainable way of doing business.

For example in the past year we have applied sugar cane fiber as a replacement to paper, corn starch based plastics as a replacement for plastic and a patented technology for carrying concentrated liquids in tablet form to reduce the costs and impact of cleaning products. We have found a material and process to replace the rubber and its unfriendly latex in rubber bands, and we have replaced batteries with a kinetic energy system for generating power for our emergency flashlights.

It is our goal to continue to innovate and develop sustainable materials, processes and changes to the product concepts that we all know and enjoy today so that we can make progress towards a more sustainable way of living. If you are looking for the same improvements to our environment and for less harmful ways of consuming the CONSERVE® Brand would love to hear your suggestions and requests.

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Our Environmentally Friendly Green Technologies

A Revolution In Cleaning

War talk? On the surface this is not much of a breakthrough. We have been able to replace a bottle of liquid cleaner such as 409®, Febreze®, Lysol®, or Windex® with a single tablet. So what? Well the implications for an industry are rather striking.

In the cleaning industry liquid cleaners are generally considered better than powder based cleaners. The liquids are better surface acting agents (Surfactants) than the dissolved powders. Using our unique patented powder technology we are able to take the active ingredients of the cleaner and deliver them in a tablet form, thus saving the need to ship a bottle of water! This little innovation saves up to 85% of the weight of the product. From a typical weight of 2.5lb for a 32oz liquid cleaner to 5oz for our product (including tablets).

In addition to this we ship the empty bottle and sprayer with a box of four tablets so instead of just saving one bottle of water, we actually save shipping four bottles of water and three bottles. That means three bottles less in the landfill. These are the savings we are able to make for the consumer, but there are also savings for the supply chain. Where our product would take up one pallet on a shelf and can be placed at any height as they are light, the competition would require nine pallets of storage space. Now translate this to the number of trucks and time to load and off load the product and you will start to get the idea of why this is a real revolution!

The best thing about this breakthrough just has to be the fact that for the first time we have an environmentally friendly product that performs like the national brand alternatives, but costs up to 40% less! Even if you are not totally convinced that doing good for the planet is the only choice, as we are, you will probably find it hard to resist paying 40% less for the same efficacy right?

Finally, if you would, please indulge me as we take a journey forward in time. If we could replace all the liquid cleaners on the shelf today, we would only need 25% of the existing shelf space, we could take thousands of trucks off the road and save millions of gallons of fuel (an 800% saving over conventional liquid cleaners) by not shipping water. WATER, which is readily available at the point of use through a much more efficient pipe system. Our chemicals are not harmful for the environment and Designed for the Environment (DfE) Certified by the EPA.

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ConserveThink about it. Why would we take oil that takes millions of years to develop and turn it into a disposable plastic knife that will be used once at an office function and then thrown in the trash? Or for that matter take a tree that has been doing some very useful work to clean carbon dioxide from the air and provide nutrients for other vegetation to grow and thrive and turn it into a disposable plate that will be used once for about 20 minutes and throw it into the trash.

There is a better way.

CONSERVE® has replaced the precious resources with annually renewable crops such as fast growing sugar cane and corn. This has lead to two distinct advantages. Firstly, the materials are both completely biodegradable and compostable. So in addition to preserving precious resources they have the added benefit that under the right conditions they can be returned to nature in about six weeks.

The process of making the sugar cane based dishware has an additional advantage. These products result in a stiffer and more absorbent plate than normal paper disposable dishware that is easier to use and less likely to fold, spill or result in embarrassing grease stains on your clothing.

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Why use sugar cane and natural starch?

  • More environmentally friendly than plastic
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Sugar cane is sturdier and less absorbent than paper
  • Microwavable (sugar cane)
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for hot and cold foods
  • Freezer-safe
Environmentally Friendliness Meter

Renewable Energy

The worst part of an emergency flashlight is the feeling you have when you finally find it and flick the switch only to find nothing happens. Dead battery syndrome. We have two technologies that ensure this will never happen again. The first consists of a windup dynamo mechanism and the second type is a similar principle, but works to generate electricity when you squeeze it in your hand. Both of these products use long life LED bulbs to conserve even more energy and extend the effectiveness of each wind or squeeze. The flashlights will always perform when you need them and because they do not need replaceable batteries they are much better for the environment. The Conserve® promise is fulfilled through better performance and being better for the environment.

Conserve Flashlights

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Pure Plastics Chemistry

Most rubber bands are made from Latex. Many people suffer from latex allergies. Latex free rubber bands are available, for example, those made from silicone rubber which is in itself harmful if taken into the body. Our bands are made of Pure polyurethane. We skip the additives in order to get the best stretch and strength characteristics of the material. The added benefit of this is that we are able to recycle and reuse our bands whereas that is not possible with other materials. CONSERVE® Plastibands stretch three times as much as rubber bands, last longer and are easily recycled. Another great technological advance that results in a better performing product that is also better for the environment.

Watch this space for more of our constantly evolving green technology solutions. Our goal is to double the number of environmentally friendly products we offer every year.

Conserve Plastibands

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