Smart Ideas to Save the Environment

Every year over 15 billion batteries are used. Most are discarded after a single use and most are Alkaline batteries such as those used in flashlights and other portable electronic devices. Our flashlights replace the disposable Alkaline batteries with a mechanical mechanism that allows you to squeeze or wind it to make power. For many applications this might not be quite the right solution, but for a flashlight that is very seldom used it makes for a really smart solution as there is always power available at the moment when you need it…and you know that your battery powered light will invariably have run out by the time you really need it. If all flashlights used this technology we could save about 200 million batteries a year.

No batteries required. There is always light when you need it in an emergency because these flashlights are powered by squeezing or winding to generate power whenever light is needed. These flashlights use environmentally-friendly low-power LED lights, which never need replacing. Perfect for the home, office, car, or camping trips. Barcoded.

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42600 1 Easy Squeeze Flashlight
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